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(Story As Told By John Mecom, Jr.)

Live In Babysitter - charges were dropped by me, the complaintant, for her cooperation, March 20, 1995. She was ready to testify against Robert.

Robert Swanson - arrested for Theft by Receiving $750.00 - 20,000.00. Pled Nolo-Contendre and received 1 year Harris County Jail to run concurrent with the 30 month Federal Jail sentence. Arrested in an interstate check kiting scheme. Found guilty March 14, 1994 and sentenced to 30 months Federal Jail & 5 years Parole/Probation. He has been re-incarcerated by the Federal Parole Board authorities after early release and has since been indicted by a State Grand Jury on Theft over $100,000.00, a 1st Degree Felony. The case has been reset many times and is scheduled for March 1999. Robert has been out of jail since Dec. 1996. He is still in business at 6464 Westheimer with Astro City Coins.

Sandra Swanson - arrested for Theft by Receiving $750.00 - 20,000.00. Pled Deferred Adjudication of Guilt & received 2 years probation. Probation was satisfactorily terminated 1 year early. She and Robert are now divorced and Sandra has remarried. She will testify against Robert. She received $5,000 from me.

Kelvin Washington - currently serving a 99 year, Life term in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Robertson Unit, Abilene, Texas for Habitual Theft, which occurred in 1992, and is unrelated to this case. Brian Coyn represented Washington in this case and there have been allegations raised that Coyn threw the case on Washington at Robert's request. Kelvin has given Danny a statement in regards to criminal dealings he has had with Robert. Kelvin was approached by Rodney Carroll to help sell my coins. Kelvin cut the deals with Robert.

Alvin Edward Martin, Jr. - July 1, 1996 Pled Deferred Adjudication of Guilt & received 10 years probation for his cooperation, with Danny and authorities, ending 6/30/2006. He has given Danny a statement in reference to Robert's criminal activity and criminal dealings he has had with Robert. He will also testify against Robert. He moved back to Livingston where he runs the Whistle Stop Restaurant across from the couthouse in Livingston.

Rodney Carroll - currently in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice serving a 1 year sentence on a Revocation of Probation, unrelated to this case. He will be released in September, 1997. Danny has also connected him to another Business Burglary from Stewart & Stevenson's Corporate Offices where Mr. Don Stevenson's personal coin collection was stolen. Danny was able to match Rodney's prints as the ones that were lifted from the scene of that burglary. Though Danny was never able to get Rodney Carroll to confess to my burglary and there were no readable prints lifted at the scene to be compared, Danny has been able to prove up this theory by several statements that were taken from various players in this and other crimes. None of the other players involved have been in contact with each other during this time. When Danny first learned of Carroll's involvement and learned that Carroll was serving his time at a minimum facility at Beaumont, he contacted prison officials in Huntsville and after presenting them the facts they moved Carroll to a maximum lock down facility in Wichita Falls, TX. Lt. Reikata and Danny have learned from an individual the FBI had in custody for Bank Robbery that Rodney Carroll is a professional business burglar and has been in almost every building in Houston. Rodney was paroled in Sept. 1997 and sent back to prison in Feb. 1998 where he still resides.

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