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(Story As Told By John Mecom, Jr.)

Lt. Richard Reikata - Supervisor in charge of the downtown burglary squad and assigned to the Southeast Command Station, worked with Danny throughout this investigation. Since the completion of this investigation, he has received the Houston Police Department's Medal of Honor from Chief Nuchia. I understand that less than 10 have ever been given and this is the highest award you can receive as a member of HPD. He also received a Mayoral Proclamation for Bob Lanier. Reikata told me that the Burglary & Theft Divisions yearly statistics had been doubled just by the clearance of this one case. And finally he has also been nominated for Supervisor of the Year for the 100 Club Awards Banquet, to be held in January, because of his involvement in this case.

Detective Sgt. Lynn Shoemaker - the original Detective assigned to investigate my case. He worked with Danny on the 1st recovery and the arrest of Robert & Sandra Swanson. He just received a Chief's Commendation from Chief Nuchia along with a Proclamation from Mayor Lanier as well.

Burglary & Theft Investigator Rick Babin - the second Investigator assigned by Reikata to work along side of Danny in the second part of this investigation. He has also just received the same awards as Shoemaker for this case.

All of the above have received these commendations and awards because of Danny's abilities and investigative techniques. From the beginning Danny told me the coins and jewelry were still out there, and that it was going to be a long investigation, however, as much as I wanted to believe him, I felt I would never see any of them again. When the second part of this investigation broke, Danny contacted me in Southern Africa and I was very surprised at the turn of events.

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