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(Story As Told By John Mecom, Jr.)

September 26, 1991 - Danny, accompanied by the Houston Police Department then located the babysitter and arrested her at Robert and Sandra Swanson's home. Robert had already left for work. On the previous afternoon the babysitter had confessed to Robert that she had sold some of the coins that she had found in the dirty clothes hamper to The Houston Gold Exchange. Robert's response to Sandra was "why did she have to steal the coins that were stolen from Mecom?" Now the police would be coming for them. Robert then orders Sandra to take the remainder of the second group of coins, jewelry and some other expensive items, possibly stolen to J.R. Richard's home. Sandra complies. Danny later learned that when Robert had brought the second group of coins home he had wanted Sandra to take them to the safety deposit box at the bank as well. She had hidden them and later said that she had forgotten about them until the babysitter confessed about taking them. After Danny arrested the babysitter, she confesses. She then told Danny of her conversation with Robert and Sandra and that he sent the coins away the night before. Danny then asked Sandra and she said the coins were not there, but she could get them. She then goes to Richard's home and gets the coins and returns with 42 of them. These coins are then confiscated and placed in The Houston Police Property Room. Prior to Danny's arrival at the Swanson house, Robert had loaded up Sandra's vehicle with valuable, possible stolen merchandise that he was hiding at their house. Upon Danny's arrival he set up surveillance on Robert, waiting for the police to meet him at the location and observed Robert digging through boxes in Sandra's trunk. Robert then walked beside his house, out of sight and then returned to view after a few minutes. He then got into his vehicle and left for work. The remainder of the police arrived and they proceeded to execute the arrest warrant. It was not until Sandra came forward that Danny learned that Robert had found one of the gold "treasure belt buckles" from my burglary in one of the boxes. Knowing that the police were coming at some point he walked beside the house and threw the belt buckle into the neighbors back yard by their back gate. Several days later Robert told Sandra to get the buckle back from the neighbor and bring it to him at Astro City Coin. She complied and upon arrival Robert took Sandra to the third floor of the Galleria to where Robert had a repair bench in a small storage space not open to the public. He then took the buckle and melted it down with a torch. Also the night before when Sandra took the bag of 42 coins to J.R. Richard, the stolen 5 piece gold ring was in the bag. When Sandra went back to retrieve the bag the gold ring was gone. Danny later found out that J.R. Richard had withheld the ring and Sandra again was ordered by Robert to do anything necessary to retrieve the ring. She did and the ring was returned by J.R. Richard and Sandra then gave the ring to Robert, who sold it. Sandra never saw or heard anything about the ring again. Two coins are also confiscated from Metzier and placed in the property room. Robert is told by the police that he needs to come to the Houston Police Department's Burglary & Theft Division and bring his records of the purchase of the coins.

Approximately September 26, 1991 - Robert and his attorney, come to the Burglary & Theft Division to meet with Danny and the police. Robert brings a large number of purchase slips. He is told to find the purchase slip that was filled out for the purchase of the coins. He does and presents one with the name of John Joseph Mules, a Latin male with a Texas Drivers License Number of 09688613. The Drivers License Number given was in reality issued to Darryl W. Daniels from Waskorn, Texas. There is not a registered driver in the State of Texas named John Joseph Mules.

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